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Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Great New Year!

I just returned from my planning meeting in Rapid City.   Bismarck
received over a foot of snow on Saturday so the driving last night was
a little rough but we made it.  

Myself and others from around North and South Dakota were in
Rapid City to plan the events for the next  two years.  2007 is set and
2008 in the preliminary stages.  

The entire experience was very good but the best point came late
Thursday night when the directors in charge of teen camp for 2007
met to discuss the theme of the camp.  The direction brought to the
table by our District NYI President, Pastor Eric Bonness was
groundbreaking.  He is fully in tune with the way teens are thinking
in this era and has began the design of a camp that should speak
directly to them in a new way, the way they think.  There has been a paradigm shift in how teens and young adults view the world and
the need to change how we approach them and how we share the
Gospel is now more important than ever before.  Pastor Eric not only
recognizes this but also has the courageto implement it.  This may
be the most cutting edge camp in the USA this summer.  Cutting edge
in steering teens towards orthodox Christianity.  

I praised God that night for providing us in the Dakotas
with leadership that is in tune with the Holy Spirit and not afraid to
do something new with courage.  As this idea developes over the next
couple months, I will keep posting about this topic with some
insights as to what we have planned for this summer's camp.  It will
be one not to miss, for all the right reasons.

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