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Monday, March 5, 2007

The New "F" Word

I have been wanting to write about this topic for quite sometime. In fact, it may be the topic that caused me to start this blog in the first place.  And I guess I have had opportunity before but a recent article from WND (I know, I know) got me thinking about it again. Now, the new "F" word is "faggot" which was uttered by the infamous Ann Coulter, which I am sure all have heard about.  That isn't really what I want to talk about because in this case you have a person who is simply trying to shock to make a point.  Unfortunately the point gets lost because of the shock.  While I, as a Follower of Christ, would see fit to refrain from degrading names, the point that was trying to be made was a good one nonetheless.  If you don't know what it is then read up on it a bit and figure it out, it isn't what I want to comment on right now. In this article they referenced Tim Hardaway and his comments that he "...hates gay people...".  Again, as a Follower of Christ, I do my best not to hate anyone.  And I would guess that maybe Tim simply mis- stated his feeling and would clarify that he hates the idea of homosexuality not the people specifically.  But that really doesn't matter either way.  What matters is what happened to him and the comments that people made about what he said.  Here is a portion of the article pertaining to this: "Then retired NBA star Tim Hardaway told a radio interviewer last month: "I hate gay people ... I don't like it [homosexuality]. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States." He, too, was forced to repent in sackcloth and ashes after he was banned from NBA All-Star Game activities, lost a national endorsement deal and was subjected to relentless nationwide criticism." The reality of this situation is that we had a person banned, chastised, penalized, ridiculed, and ostricized simply because of his personal thoughts.  Are we in America really free anymore? I was watching a documentary following the attempted rehab of a convicted pedophile.  He had finished his sentence and was a perfect inmate during his incarceration.  After he was released, he wasn't allowed to move back into society, rather, he was forced to live in a trailer surrounded by huge steel fencing with barbwire on the grounds of the prison.  Sounds like solitary.  They were able to get him a job in the nearby town and he followed every requirement of his release even when the idiot owner of the business he was working at, brought the grandkids to work knowing full well that the ex-con couldn't be anywhere near kids.  The ex-con, as soon as he realized the kids were there, grabbed his coat and literally ran from the building.   Part of his release terms required that he continue seeing a shrink.  Understandable.  However, when the man told the shrink that he still struggled with thoughts of children (which would be expected, I would think) the shrink told the prison officials and he was arrested in his barbed wire confined trailer and sentenced to prison indefinately.  Remember, he not once had violated the terms of his release, he only shared his thoughts with the person that was supposed to help him work through his situation.  He was arrested, convicted, and sentenced to what is the equivilent of life for nothing more than his thoughts.  (SideBar:  What affect do you think this action has on people who struggle in these type of areas?  This guy gets sentenced for life for being honest with the person who is supposed to help him.  Will there ever be a person who is dumb enough to be honest about such a struggle again?  And can they ever hope to overcome it alone? Doubtful.  So this attempt at making society safer, results in making society infinitely more dreadful.  And millions of people hopeless.) The immediate reaction by most of you will be pointing out that we are talking about a pedophile here and no one will show sympathy for such a person.  That is fine.  However, when you begin to tie together what happened to that man with what happened to Tim and countless others in this country and abroad, it should be glaringly obvious that we are not talking about the horrors of pedophilia here, we are talking about whatever the powers that control this country deem as offensive.   The Scriptures call the Gospel a "rock of offense" and we are seeing that this is showing itself true more and more everyday.  Today, it is the pedophile and the Tims and the Anns but tomorrow it will be the preacher, the sunday school teacher and eventually the Bible itself.  Its happening now in Canada and the UK and Germany.  It is happening HERE.   It is called "HATE" legislation.  And it should be fought at every step, at every level, no matter the offensivness of the thought.  There are hundreds of people sitting in prison for what they think and nothing more.  True, many of them, none of us want out on the streets, but if that is how we feel then make the punishment for their crimes more harsh, don't keep them locked away for their thoughts!   As you continue to live out your days in this free country of America, pay attention to "HATE' speech and "HATE" crimes and "HATE" legislation and what they really mean.  Because someday it won't be the pedophile locked in the trailer behind barbed wire, it won't be the Basketball star banned from society, it will be you.  And then there will be no one left to defend your freedoms.  Heed this warning and let's keep our freedom to share the "Rock of Offense" with the world.  For without it, all are lost.


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