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Monday, July 15, 2013

Concoction ShampYou. A new way to shampoo

     Many of you have probably been there. Standing in the shampoo aisle looking at the dozens of types of shampoo to choose from, not to mention the myriad of conditioners to go along with those shampoos. You most likely have your favorite brand, yet even then there are many scents and types from which to choose. And it is inevitable that as soon as you settle on a favorite combination, the company discontinues that one and comes up with another which probably is just the same shampoo with a new name but how can you be sure? It makes a person wish they could just mix their own combination of shampoo and use it forever.
     Well, now you can.
     Enter Concoction ShampYou.
     Concoction ( ) is a new shampoo concept from the U.K. that allows you to add whichever serums you want to their shampoo base, creating your own, personal shampoo concoction. Hence, ShampYOU.
     I came in contact with the nice people from Concoction via Twitter and King of Shaves
( )CEO, Will King. He was excited about Concoction when he heard about it and shared it on Twitter. So I checked them out and found that I really liked the concept as well. I tweeted them and found that Concoction was only available in the U.K. so there went that. And not only was it only available in the U.K. it hadn't even hit the stores yet though it was available online.
     Around Christmas, I half-jokingly tweeted that all I wanted for Christmas was to be the first U.S. customer to try Concoction. To my surprise, they responded that they thought they could make that happen. I was excited to say the least. They made arrangements for me to select my Concoction from their website and they would prepare it for me and ship it here.

     Here is how it works. They have created a system they call Mixology Technology. I selected a scent that is added to the main shampoo base. I selected Bakhour. There were four to choose from. Then I selected two serums of my choice from the eight options, including Turn Up The Volume, Gimme More Moisture and Curl Me Up. I chose Gimme More Moisture and Back To Your Roots.

     The first Concoction I was sent was mixed for me. However, the second one I ordered actually came with small tubes of the separate serums and I got to mix it myself. Very cool. Wish I had one of their cool Mixology Lab Coats to wear while I mixed my Concoction.
     Because of the length of my hair and the hairspray I use, I typically shampoo my hair twice and then condition it once. That didn't really change using Concoction. I still needed to shampoo twice but I decided to forgo the conditioner in order to really evaluate the shampoo. I found I didn't really need the conditioner anymore. My hair felt clean and it felt great.
     The scents are very different than what you typically find in the U.S. but they were somehow both strong and subtle at the same time. I was not overpowered by the scent yet I certainly could smell it immediately. It was very pleasant. In the end, Concoction does its job and does it well.
     Back in the U.K. they are about to launch into the stores with a display that allows you to fill your bottles and mix your Concoction's ShampYou right in the store. Looks like a lot of fun. For now, those living outside of the U.K. will have to order via the website and mix it yourself. But it is well worth it to be able to use one of the best shampoos in the world.
     Now, Concoction isn't cheap. And ordering it from outside the U.K. with the added shipping costs, it is really not cheap. However, most things that are best in category rarely are. (King of Shaves being the significant exception) Yet it remains that it is a great shampoo and a great concept and I am grateful that I was able to experience it all the way over here, across the Pond.
     So if you want to experience being part of the 1% here in the U.S. and experience one of the best shampoos in the world, head to the website and mix up a couple bottles of Concoction ShampYou and enjoy washing your hair again.

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