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Thursday, January 4, 2007

Pelosi and the Children

Well, Pelosi has been sworn in as Speaker and with it she exploited 
her grandkids stating that everything they would do in the new
Congress would be for the children.  As if we really beleive that.

But that brought to mind my least favorite bumber sticker.

"Is it good for the children?"

The only way this is even a relevant question is if you are not a
Christian.  If you are a Christian then the question is moot.  But
it feels good so people take it seriously.  If you do take it
seriously, then you are essentially saying that what is Christian
is not necessarily good for children, which is dumb.

Anyway, Pelosi has to make this point today, precisely because
she knows that what they will do may not be good for the
children.  It is a pre-emptive strike.  Hmmm.

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