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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Criminalization of Christianity

NOTE: I will be heading North to the Canadian Border for the next four days and will be without internet access (surprise, surprise) but Tuesday I will be back so feel free to discuss away while I am away. I was sent several writings today about the hatred and criminalizing of Christianity and with something that happened to a personal aquaintance of mine yesterday, it seemed worthy of note.  First, an aquaintance of mine whose son is in my son's class (or was until yesterday) was in the middle of a custody battle when out of the blue, the authorities came and took her son from her home with only a small bag of clothing.  The case was decided without her in attendance based on the fact that when the Psychiatrists for the Father asked the boy what he did when he was scared or sad, etc. he responded that he prayed.  They used this and the fact that he attends a Christian school and attends church regularly to show that his mother was a Christian "fanatic" and it was a danger for him to stay in her home.  He was taken from her home entirely based on the fact that she was a Christian! So then I see these three articles: The last one dovetails on the evolution discussion but it also highlights the complete disregard for the truth and the utter deception leveled onto society by these so called scientists.  And their absolute hatred for Christianity.  Children are being taken away from parents, people are being fired, and others placed in jail right now simply because they are Christians.  This is no longer a premonition the same as I sounded nearly two decades ago to those few people who would listen to a young long hair.  It is here and it is now and all Christians need to evaluate if they are willing to go to jail for the truth.  Remember, Jesus said that if we are not willing to stand up for Him, He won't be standing up for us, and that is a sentence to Hell not just county jail. Please read these articles and let me know your thoughts!! Tell a friend.

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Nazarene Youth Pastor said...

Love your closing thoughts here. For too long we have treated Christianity like a "drug" to cure what ails us, and not a complete denial and sacrifice of the self. Could it be that we are more concerned with a "feel good" gospel that makes teenagers flood the altars at camp? Truly it is time to decide once and for all whether we will join Christ not only in His life, but also in his death and resurrection.

JP Vilaire said...

That last article is an excellent example of what I was trying to express. Thank you for that. I regret not having kept up on this debate with more current information but obviously the same garbage is going on. Yes, its obvious the time is fast approaching. A line will be drawn and Christians will have to decide what their faith means to them and how much they will be willing to give up for it! Those who like to champion "politically correct" causes will fall easily! We have to be able to see through the smoke screen of popular/media culture and discern the truth!

Nicholas said...

Thanks guys, for the comments! I am sorry but I am not in a condition to comment fully at the moment. I will soon I hope.


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