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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Happy Evolution Sunday!

Well,  in just a few hours it will be Evolution Sunday, celebrating  the birth of Darwin.  Only a little over 500 churches are taking part in this event so its not too big a deal yet.  But I still felt compelled to dub tomorrow Creation Sunday at our Youth Group.  Maybe it will catch on.  Who knows?    I have already posted on this subject before but in reading a little more about it, I stumbled upon an argument that I had not thought of and it was rather interesting.  Here is a quote from David Kupelian: "(By the way, if you call yourself a Christian and believe you evolved from a lower life form to a higher form, as evolution preaches – I mean, teaches – you are denying the very heart of your faith. Jesus Christ, whom you claim to follow, taught that man fell from a higher estate into sin, and is therefore in need of salvation. If we have evolved from a lower life form, improving constantly over the eons to our present advanced state, there is no possible need for salvation through the substitutionary death of the Son of God. There's absolutely no wiggle-room here, friends. You're busted.)" This idea just shows how far you have to twist Scripture in order to  accept a theory that more and more scientists are rejecting.  As I have said time and time again, once you start rejecting one part of Scripture, the rest eventually falls by the wayside.   The false idea through all of this is that we must choose between Science and Religion and the only way for the two to coincide within a person is for Religion to take a bow.  This is a lie of Satan himself.  If a person seriously looks at the scientific facts, they go right along with Christianity and not with evolution.  Evolution isn't scientific, it isn't logical, or reasonable, nor is it even statistically possible, or moral.  What dealings should we as Christians have with such tripe?  Only to expose it to the light of Truth.   For all of you who accept evolution and who call yourselves Christians, I challenge you to evaluate what part of of your relationship with God, the Creator of the Universe, you are willing to give up.  Because you will have to give up something, and I pray that it isn't your very soul. Happy Creation Sunday!  Enjoy!

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