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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Repuclican YouTube Debate...What would Jesus Do?

There were alot of subjects addressed tonight in the debate which, in fact, is still going on as I type.  However, there were two questions that were presented by YouTube users concerning Christianity and the Bible.  Both questions reeked of emerging types. The first question regarding Capital Punishment, asked "What would Jesus do?"  What I  wish was that Huckabee had the quick thinking or guts to answer the question properly which is that Jesus has put to death more people than any government ever and possibly than all governments in history combined.  And there is no where that He has ever suggested that governments should not have that authority or should not exercise it.  You want to know what Jesus would do?  Why  not try reading the Bible?  It is very clear.The question that followed the first was, I suspect, a back handed attempt to pigeon hole the candidents as "fundies".   The question was "Do you believe every word of this book?" He was  holding up the Bible in front of the camera. All of them understood the the trap but did not have the proper answer.  The answer to that trap is that, as a true Christian, we should interpret the Bible exactly as the writers intended it to be.  And that is what the word "literal" means, to take the writings just as the writers intended them, whether that be  as history, allegory, prophetic, etc. And it is easy to understand.  Emergents are ruining Christianity and it is about time we wake up and begin to fight back...

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