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Monday, September 14, 2009

Opera Unite. The New Web.

Many times there are things that wow and amaze me. Sometimes they make me smile. Sometimes they are things I wish I could use but for one reason or another I can't. Sometimes they are things that, while amazing, they are of no interest or use to me. But every once in a great while something comes along that is not only amazing, but revolutionary and at the same time extremely useful and available for me to use. Today is a day that the latter has come true. Enter: Opera Unite. First, if you don't know what Opera is or are not using it, it is time for you to catch up with the most advanced software in the world, bar none. I have been using Opera since 1996 and I have also tried virtually all other browsers ever made. So I am no newbie to the browser world. Opera is an internet browser. While that doesn't sound terribly exciting, it is also a bit of an understatement. Unfortunately, there isn't a word coined yet that accurately describes what Opera is. Opera is very close to become the only program you will need or use in any of your ventures that include the internet. Opera has desktop versions for both PC and Mac and virtually every web enabled cell phone, smart phone and PDA, including Wii. Opera is a browser but it also is an email client, an rss feed reader, a torrent downloader, a messenger client and a web development tool. No need to have five or more separate programs running, just use Opera. And that was all before Opera Unite. Now you can turn your computer into your own personal web server! That's right. Opera now is a built in web server. You can share any file on your computer directly with out the need to be connected with another server. You can share any photo. You can have friends leave you notes. You can host chats. You can host your own website. You can listen to your own music library from any computer in the world. And you can upload any file to your computer from any computer in the world. I have tried most of these services this afternoon(That's how easy this is!)and they all work flawlessly and securely. They are password protected to your specifications. If you are not grasping what this potentially means, here it is: Soon you may not need an iPod, chat program, net meeting program, file sharing service, or even email. Think about it, a world with no media players, no Skype, no MSN, no Gmail, no Hotmail, no Yahoo! Messenger, no Twitter, no Myspace or Facebook. With Opera Unite, all you need is Opera. Get on board now and step into the future. Download Opera with Opera Unite and start experiencing true freedom on the Web for the first time in history. Oh and did I mention it's FREE? Well, now I did. Please use the following link to download. Thanks!!

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camcorbet said...

Hey Nyk,
You make this Opera Unite seem amazing. So much so that I considered downloading it. The only problem is I do not know what it really does. For a guy like me who does online classes, checks his email, watches youtube, checks his facebook, and talks on skype every now and then, what does it do for me?
do you really have to know a lot about computers to understand why its so cool?

Nicholas said...

For what you do, imagine this: surf the web faster, do your online courses and, depending on how those work, save the pages for use offline. For instance, when you have your laptop sitting waiting for the car to get repaired without internet. You can view those saved pages just the same.
You can have your email imported directly into Opera. Yeah you can watch youtube as well, and you can open multiple (and I mean MULTIPLE) videos up in tabs so you can be watching one while the others load and it won't get bogged down.
Right now, the audio and video parts of skype style programs havn't been integrated into Opera Unite but the file sharing aspects have. No doubt Opera Unite will include these features in the future.
So, you are doing your online class while several youtube videos are loading in backround tabs, your email is at your fingertips and you have a chat tab open. All while allowing your friends to peruse files and photos you've selected and leave you comments, just like facebook but you never had to upload anything. And here's the key. You are doing all that with only one program and one window.
And it is easy. The website walks you through everything. It took me a matter of minutes to install it and set it up and about an hour to try every aspect. And it worked.
And all your friends don't have to have it for them to use it. You just send them the link to your Opera Unite page and they can access all those things. I was surprised at how simple it was.
Give it a try and call me if you have questions.

camcorbet said...

i have a movie suggestion for you. since you had told me you like raven symone, you should watch "college roadtrip". it is hilarious.


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