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Monday, July 12, 2010

Guatemala Day One

A quick recap of what brought me to these next series of updates. One each day for the next 14 days, I hope.
My Youth Worship Team, two of which are Guatemalan, decided they wanted to go to Guatemala to help show the teens of our Nazarene Churches in Guatemala City how Worship of God should impact every part of our lives, not just an hour on Sunday each week.
Which brings me to Day One of this trip.
We left Mandan, North Dakota just before 1pm Sunday afternoon. We made our first stop about 100 miles east at Jamestown to sit down to an amazing meal at one of our team member's Grandmother's home. We caught most of the second half of the World Cup Final between the Netherlands and Spain. After leaving Jamestown, we drove to Minneapolis without much drama. Minneapolis changed all that.
Our route through the Twin Cities was to be I-94. However, I-94 was closed at the West end of Downtown. We proceeded into the detour which took us miles out of our way. The signs were not adequate and at one point the sign that the detour was to take the next exit was literally about 15 yards from the exit. If you were lucky enough to be in the correct lane you might have had a chance to slam on your brakes and drift onto the exit. We were not that lucky. Being in the next lane over made the attempt a near impossibilty but having a car between us and the exit guaranteed its impossibility. So we took our first detour from our detour. After returning to our proper route we again experienced signage sabotage when the sign failed to revealed which direction of the fork to take. We chose the wrong one. This detour required GPS to get us back on track. In all, the detour took us through downtown three times. We were pleased to get pictures of downtown from 3 distinct viewpoints but after over an hour of time wasted to get out of Minneapolis we were behind schedule and not terribly happy. Won't be taking that route on the way home!
Through dense fog that nearly caused us to drive straight into the first Toll Booth we finally arrived in Chicago at about 4:30am Monday. We decided to head straight to O'Hare to be ready to board our flight to Mexico City only a mere three hours later.
As I sit here awaiting our flight and passing the 24 hour mark of being awake I am getting a little sleepy. Not a good way to start 2 weeks away from home. Oh, well.

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