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Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's Not Opera, Dad.

     This is the type of person I am; I spend a lot of time and daring searching out the best things in the world (though I am somewhat considerably limited by money in many areas!) and when I discover them, I am almost fanatical in my devotion to them. I choose some things for their uniqueness to me such as the Kansas City Wizards (or Sporting Kansas City, I mean) or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Hannover 96.  They certainly couldn't be considered the best in the world by any stretch of even a biased imagination.  But other things, like Mac computers, uhlsport soccer gear or King of Shaves shaving supplies are certainly in the upper echelon of their respective areas of expertise.  All of which brings me to Opera Browser.  The Opera Browser is one of those things that fit into the latter of the two categories. I have been using it since the mid-nineties, back when I actually had to pay for it.  In fact, because of a hard drive failure I purchased it twice!  And its revolutionary features have been ingrained in how I use the Internet. Just how much was revealed to me yesterday.

     I was working on my son's Macbook yesterday and needed to search for a solution to a problem on the Web so, forgetting that I had installed Opera on his Macbook, I clicked on Safari.  Now Safari is a fine browser, just like Firefox or Chrome but its no Opera.  As I began my search with Safari, I clicked in the address field and typed my search question. I hit enter, and much to my shock I was taken to an error page.  My son, seeing my utter confusion, informed me, "It's not Opera, Dad."  Then I remembered, not all browsers measure up to Opera.  Actually, none do.  See, with Opera, I no longer need a separate search field for searches.  I just type it into my address field and to Google I go. (or whatever search engine I prefer) This might not seem like a big deal and I guess on its own it isn't huge but when you spend significant time on the web that takes you around the world in seconds, every second counts and features like this one cuts those seconds and simplifies the whole process.

     This is where the Opera Browser excels.  It has been at the forefront of making this thing we call "surfing the web" a more simple place to live, work and play. If Safari, Firefox or Chrome has it, most likely, Opera was the one who developed it.  And Opera isn't slowing down.  The goal is for this single piece of software to become the only program you will need to have open for all your Internet needs.  It is not there yet, but on the rare occasion that I am forced to use a browser other than Opera I am reminded of how far Opera is on the journey to that goal. And when I am using those "other" browsers and my son sees the look of dismay wash across my face and reminds me, "it's not Opera, Dad" my only response, no it's not.

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Aleksander said...

Thanks for sharing! I hope you enjoy Opera 11 as it reaches final!

Nicholas said...

Thanks for your comment! It is an honor to have someone from Opera read my post. Keep up the great work!



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