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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Don't Celebrate Christmas

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and my Youth group will be performing 
a drama in the morning in front of hundreds of people.  It will tell 
the true meaning of Christmas as it is applicable to us now through 
a couple of Old Testament characters.  When it is all said and done 
there will be a Christmas Eve night service as well which will be 
attended by even more people.  I am in charge of both services with 
the absence of our Senior Pastor.  What I wish I could say is this:  
If you are not a Christian, meaning that you have never accepted 
God's free gift of Jesus Christ's sacrifice to pay the penalty of your 
sins, then why are you celebrating Christmas?  If you have never  
accepted the gift that was brought to you by the birth, death and
resurrection of Jesus then what exactly are you celebrating?  A
good man?  A cool teacher?  What?  If Jesus did not bring us salvation
from the penalty of our sin which is death and eternal seperation
from God, then He has brought us nothing and His birth is not worth
celebrating.  So decide for yourself what you are celebrating in two
days.  Are you celebrating the birth of your PERSONAL Saviour or
something else?  If it is not the first but the latter, do everyone a
favor and don't celebrate Christmas this year.  God tells us that He
desires obedience not sacrifice.  Yeilding your life to Christ is
obedience, celebrating Christmas is sacrifice.  But better yet, confess
your sin tonight, accept His payment of your debt and put your
Faith in God and then tomorrow begin the first real celebration
of Christmas of your life!  What a Christmas present!  And the
Angels will be celebrating with you!  

Merry Christmas.

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