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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NYC Day Two

Wow, what a drive!  Wow, what a BUS!, Wow, what an amazing group of teens!  We met at the Nazarene Church at 8am this morning and boarded our HUGE charter bus.  49 Teens and about 4 sponsors on the bus and a van and trailer behind with the rest of the sponsors.  We left South Dakota about 10:45.  We had dvd screens throughout the bus so many a movie was veiwed.  I attempted to listen to a book that my guitarist requested I listen to, despite the many distractions.  Its a great book, actually.  But the trip was even better.  We had smooth sailing, and then a faulty air conditioner began blasting heat rather than cool air.  That was as we entered KC.  Which was hot and humid.  Our Dakota teens were not used to the humidity and were quite concerned that they would be able to handle it.  I just chuckled, remembering my 17 years in KC.  It turned out that the many pillows laying on the vents by the windows caused the air conditioner to freeze up.  Hmmm.  So we remedied that and the rest of the time was grand.  We drove through some very heavy rain, Olathe getting more than 3 inches in less than an hour!  We saw Royals stadium and Arrowhead.  Then we arrived in St. Louis.  We ended up at a hotel directly across the street from the Arch...I am actually looking at it form my window as I type.  I am also in the building right next to the KMOV TV and Radio station where my Father in Law worked for many years.  So that is cool.  Tomorrow we head early to the Arch and then on to registration.  That should be interesting.  The teens have been amazing the whole trip and I know will continue to be.  Please keep them in your prayers for safety in this new enviroment that can be overwhelming if you are not used to it, and forthe Holy Spirit to cut through it all and make a serious change in their lives.  I want a different 49 teens coming home than I came with.  They will look the same ont he outside but my hope is that the inside will resemble Jesus Christ a little bit more.  Talk at you tomorrow night!

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