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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

NYC Day Three

Toby Mac.  I am a headbanger by trait but man, TM put on a powerful show.  He opened up the evening session but more about that in a sec.  We started the day by enjoying an amazing breakfast bar down in the lobby.  Now you may think, "lobby", but you are not thinking of this lobby.  It is something that a fine restaurant would be proud of.  The food was great as well.  That got us off to a good start and we needed it for the day was full.  We walked over interstate 55 to the Arch and piled five apiece into the tiny pods that would take us to the top of the 630 foot Arch.  The view was awesome but the pods freaked out the students pretty good.  All I could hear on the way up and back were the girls screaming my name from a pod two pods away.  Quite flattering but still a little unnerving I must say.  Anyway, we then walked into downtown and ate at TGI Fridays, returned to the hotel and then headed off to the stadium for the first time.  Our first task was registering which took quite awhile.  Then we had to haul our food for the homeless through the entire stadium, and out onto the football field where we opened the bags and boxes and sorted out the food.  The teens were then unleashed into the exhibition hall and got the cool backpacks they will be using the rest of the week, while the sponsors attended another meeting, though this one was very informative.   After we finished, we went back to the hotel which is ten blocks away from the stadium and had Imo's Pizza which most of the teens found humorous if you catch the pronunciation.  We then treked back to the stadium in a freak but heavy thunderstorm.  Arriving soaked and hot we awaited entrance into the stadium.  Once inside the DJ started pumping the jams and as the place filled up the energy level rose, as you can imagine.  Finally, the lights dimmed and the large screens at the front began getting static as an news anchor woman spoke of a huge storm brewing in St. Louis and then lightning begins to flash and the thunder crashing and then sparks began raining from the ceiling and all the sponsors stood up with multiple bottles of water that were handed out during our afternoon meeting and they showered the entire crowd of 9,000+ teens with the "rain".  Then Toby Mac explodes onto the stage....and thus began NYC2007. I am not going to go into the details of the service, find a teen that attended and have them describe it to you, but I will say that the Gospel was presented powerfully and lives were changed from the start.  That was very good to see.  I was relieved.  We arrived back a the hotel at 10:18pm, had another meeting and hit the rooms.  We are ready for things to kick into full gear tomorrow.  I will get to play some football (real football, not American football) and the day should hold many interesting things for all of us.  I am excited to here the stories when I get back with our teens at day's end.  Until tomorrow night I bid you good night!!

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